Lawrence Of Belgravia DVD

Lawrence Of Belgravia DVD

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Lawrence Of Belgravia DVD

Lawrence Of Belgravia



The long awaited release of Lawrence Of Belgravia’ is finally here.
The DVD is a strictly limited edition of 2000 copies,
available to buy now for immediate shipping.

The DVD itself is a region 0 PAL formatted disc running at 86 minutes.
This should play on most DVD players globally, but for those with older NTSC only players the disc can be viewed on an computer that supports DVDs.

Please note there are no extras, out takes or deleted scenes but the DVD comes with a lavish 20 page booklet featuring original, unreleased poems by Lawrence.

"As lead singer with Felt, Lawrence was responsible for some of the most precious music of the 1980s. On touchstone indie labels such as Cherry Red and Creation, the band released ten albums and ten singles - one for each year of the decade. Though few releases troubled the charts, Felt's cult status was assured and a mission of sorts was accomplished. Lawrence went on to form Denim and Go Kart Mozart, bands that revelled in referencing 1970s glam and novelty rock while slyly critiquing the contemporary pop scenes. There's been an air of tragi-comedy about Lawrence's career at times. Felt were bumped from the cover of the NME when editors favoured a blacked-out cover to illustrate a feature on youth suicide, while Denim's infectious 1997 single 'Summer Smash' was scratched from radio playlists when it was released in the week Princess Diana died. Paul Kelly's intimate, smart doc portrait, a labour of love filmed over the last eight years, follows Lawrence between Go Kart Mozart albums, weighed down by the chips on his shoulders while still dreaming of being a pop star who rides in limousines and dates supermodels. He appears as, perhaps, he always has; a man out of time, touched by rare genius."

Michael Hayden - The BFI - May 2012

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